May Covered Dish Luncheon

May Covered Dish Luncheon

Well, it seems if you offer good Southern fried chicken, everyone will come!  (Well, almost everyone anyway!)  We tell the folks, “Prayer is at noon,” so they start showing up about 11:15!   We have the drinks out, the coffee on, and everyone is greeting their friends and neighbors AND the serving tables are filling up with fabulous salads, veggies, and a six-foot long table full of nothing but desserts!!  Oh my goodness! 

We knew we were going to have a max crowd today, so I told the card players last night they had better come early to get a table!  Looks like the word got out!

I have a little bell someone donated to help me get everyone’s attention so we can quiet down for the prayer, and then everyone heads for the serving room!  We have such sweet residents, they are always willing to help each other carry plates or get drinks if needed. 

Needless to say, as soon as folks started getting their plates, things got real quiet as they concentrated on the great food!    

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