Mother’s Day at New Assisted Living Residence at Main Cottage

Mother’s Day at our new assisted living residence at the Main Cottage! Beautiful yellow tulips for all!

assisted living residence mothers day

Happy New Year!

Our annual Christmas Luncheon on December 13th was really special.  We enjoyed a truly gifted pianist, Dewey Forrester, and played a fun game that Galen Treichler was kind enough to create for us to help folks get to know their neighbors a little better, and we gave away a few prizes.  We had Ben Sandifer there with his great music, and we were honored to have Linda Ellis play the piano and lead us in singing some Christmas carols (though we probably would have done better if our mayor, Don Schepper, had been there to help us sing!)  Natacha and her team provided fabulous food as expected, and we had not just one but both of our owners there to meet and visit with.  It was the first party attended by Jola and Cassandra, and I think they really enjoyed meeting everyone and being part of the fun.  Here are a few photos of residents with Santa!

Then came New Year’s Eve!!  Our “official unofficial Mayor”, Mr. Schepper, came to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a soon to be famous author, Carol Ballew, also came with her best friend, (her husband), David.  There were a lot of yummy, snack-type foods, hats, horns, and plenty of champagne.  Around 8:30p we turned the clock to midnight, did a count down, toasted with a glass of champagne, and then popped confetti “poppers.”  (You know there’s a technique to getting the confetti to fly just right, and some of you that have celebrated with us for a few years now are getting really good at it!)  We had confetti everywhere!  LOL  It was a good time, as the following photos show, though these are not the ones our “official” photographer, Ms. Coffman, took. We’ll publish those next month when we get them from her.

A Garage Sale!

Saturday, with our tummies full of turkey from our Friday Thanksgiving celebration, about ten residents had set up for a garage sale! We did some advertising for them, stuck “garage sale” signs in their yards and told them, when they go tired to simply pull up their signs and closr their garage doors. 

We had a beautiful day and great traffic. And not just folks looking, but they brought their money with them!! And, residents REALLY enjoyed walking around, talking to each other, and buying “treasures” from each other. Thanks to all who participated!


Assisted Living Construction June 2019

The Assisted Living Space is under construction and is an extension of our beautiful independent living community which will provide that next level of care. All of the services one would expect of a residence of the highest quality will be provided. Our new Assisted Living Residence will open in the Fall of 2019. 

Reservations are now being taken. For additional information please call Nancy Fullilove at 478-414-1234.

Happy Halloween!

We had such a fun Halloween party! Take a look! Yes, it was fun. The folks really relaxed and had a good time.