Art Exhibit at Woodland Terrace in Milledgeville

Art Exhibit at Woodland Terrace in Milledgeville

Sunday afternoon, 4/29, we had an art exhibit and had so much fun.  You know, we have an art group here that meets once a month to paint in acrylics.  Some of the group had never held a brush before, while others used to paint when they were younger.  So, we decided as a group that everyone’s talents needed to be brought out of the closet, whether old or new, and exulted!  So, four residents came Saturday afternoon and decided how everything should be displayed (by category, not artist), and helped design the hangings and table displays.  We created name tags for each item stating artist, title of item, medium, and year it was created, just like a REAL exhibit!  Everyone worked for hours and we got it done. 

Sunday morning I got the room we use for our buffets decorated and finger food put together with champagne, coffee, beer, and soft drinks and by 3:00 folks started arriving. 

We created voting ballots and handed out pens as they walked in the door and everyone appeared to carefully look, contemplate and discuss with each other the merits of various pieces of work, marking their ballots appropriately. 

At 5:00 we began tallying the votes and awarded the following ribbons:


     1st Place –  Ginger Starkey

      2nd Place – Bobbie Jean Duke


      1st Place – Bobbie Jean Duke

      2nd Place – Martha Warren


      1st Place – Priscilla Randall

      2nd Place – Marlene Peavy


      1st Place – JoAnne Greenway

       2nd Place – Cheryl Coffman​

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